Version 0.0.1 (Completed)


Development Beginning

Build content management system with advance e-commerce and content management features. Add support for Python 3 and Django. Add new features including user messaging, new dashboard theme, invoices, marketing and reporting functionality, git support, preliminary graphql & docker support, add support for the latest Oscar and DjangoCMS features, and several initial bug fixes

Version 0.0.2 (Completed)


Features galore

Adding blogging, tagging, reward system, coupons system, messages, and added and updated file for database migration. Added GraphQL queries, a new file, file, and updated Dockerfile. 

Version 0.0.3 (Current Version)


Bug Fixes, Graphql, and Docker

Change cms name to Alternate CMS, created website at, official twitter, and fixed various issues. Updated GraphQL support, started preliminary Graphql mutation support, fixed Docker support not initially working. Added support for form creation, pictures, and audio support to dashboard.

Next Up: Version 0.0.5 (In Progress)


Dashboard Cleanup

Time to cleanup the dashboard and remove third party apps names from labels and other consumer facing places. Start new theme support for dashboard. 

Next Up: Version 0.0.6 (In Progress)


Bug Fixes, Continue work on Dashboard, Rest Api, and graphql

This update is to continue current work on features such as rest apis, graphql, and the dashboard cleanup started in recent update.

Next Up: Version 0.0.7 (In Progress)


Bug Fixes, finish dashboard cleanup, launch rest apis docs

This update is more to improve the rest apis documentations which draws support from the original Django rest framework docs. Also finalizing the dashboard cleanup as the new theme is finalized. 

Next Up: Version 0.0.8


Automation & Reporting features

Add more support for automation tasks and reporting features. These features will help shop owners and developers and probably can be implemented earlier than this update through apps.

Next Up: Version 0.0.9


Finalize Graphql & Docker

This update is the last official incremental update to which graphql and docker will be considered beta features. This update's focus is to continue work on stabilizing graphql support. 

Next Up - Major Update: Version 1.0.0


Stable Launch

Before the end of 2021, this update will continue Alternate CMS push to be original, stable, secure, and scalable. Currently Alternate is being used on,, and others from portfolio. This update includes official graphql support, docker support, updated, and themes. (all currently in progress)

Next Up: Version 1.0.1


Continue Updates, fixes

This update is set to be a small one like all incremental updates. It's aim is to fix any underlying issues with no new features added. 

Next Up: Version 1.0.2


New Theme

Work is currently underway for a new front-end and dashboard theme. The front-end theme will be integrated into the system. With a headless version already being finalized. 

Roadmap Updates: 1.5 update (2022)


Launch of Marketplace

Using apis, this launch is more for the official website. Launching a marketplace and pushing new themes will showcase the power and flexibility of AlternateCMS.

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