Built on Python and Django

Enhanced Security and scalability

Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac

Supports Docker

Content Management

For Marketers

Rich Content, Media Support, Marketing Integrations, and Existing Packages: Don't reinvent the wheel with thousands of django packages that adds new features. Plus integrate Customer Relation Management (CRM), and implement your identity and brands without compromises.

Frontend Editing

All content can be edited in the frontend with ease. No coding skills required. Full drag and drop support for components and copy and paste anywhere, even across pages.


Alternate CMS is just a django package. Use the full power of django, a top 3 modern global web framework with a huge community. Clean MVC code everywhere.


Supports Themes built for Django-CMS and Oscar Commerce, Supports Django-Admin themes, and Configurable page layout.

Sustainability Support

Large developer community, manuals, documentation, Django and Python conferences, and supports any Python Hosting providers.


Multi-site capability,
Reusable Design,
Approval Workflow (moderation),
Integrated Statistics,
Link Management, 
Filterable table of contents


Granular priviliges,
Distinct Frontend + Backend,
Captcha, SSL, LDAP authentification,
Session management,
Response time for security issues usually within 48h, Sandbox for development,
User registration with double opt-in,
Controllable backup,
Open-Source Databases


Supports all Django Apps (supports Python 3 and higher), Spell Checker,
Versioning & undo changes,
Drag & Drop content management,
Scripting API,
Mass Upload of images & documents,
Multiple use of media content,
free structuring (menus, categories),
Hiding contents for mobile devices,
scheduled publishing & unpublishing,
full text search, searchable assets (PDF, meta data)

Standards Compliance

UTF-8 support,
HTML5 & CSS5 capable,
Sass, Gulp, & Bower support, Valid Markup,
Frontend (templates) WCAG compliant,
Backend WCAG compliant,
Configurable URLs,
Meta data editable per page,
Standard content repository APIs


blog & news,
related content,
tag cloud,
A/V Media,
Newsletter & eMail campaign management,
bulletin board,
Print View & PDF Generator,
Calendar & events,
Configurable user profiles,
forms builder,
social media,
polls & surveys,
quiz tool,
sitemap generator


A checkout that allows a single order to be paid by up to 9 different payment sources, using multiple payment partners.

Sales representatives are able to place orders on behalf of their customers, using allocated budgets managed within the system.

Integration with a series of SAP webservices to provide catalogue and inventory updates.

Handling of a catalogue of around 15 million products, with stock provided by a range of international partners.

Stock and biblio updates happening continuous using a Celery-driven backend.
Sophisticated access-control rules governing which customers can see which products.

Manages a 12 million catalogue supported by 100+ suppliers for a single project.

Designed with Mobirise web templates