Case Studies

Meeovi Notes needed a platform that provided blogging features for not just itself but also it's users from across the world. But it also needed ecommerce related features for subscriptions. Alternate CMS fills that need.

Meeovi Locate is a social network platform for travellers from across the globe. Providing newsfeeds, social features like groups, and subscription plans for individual virtual guides. Alternate provided these features without additional plugins. 

Here2Mingle provides individuals with the ability to modernize their dating life. It provides a platform to socially interact with people before they actually meet with advance security features, social feed, groups, and more all in one place. Alternate provided the necessary back-end to fill that purpose.

A powerfully scalable and feature rich platform for shoppers and sellers to share ideas, make money, and interact like any other social network. It is a marketplace that innovates with its enhanced social experience. Alternate CMS provides the social features like social login, analytics, an interactive dashboard, marketplace functionality with the use of Partners, and security for such a busy shop. With over 1 million products, Alternate CMS doesn't slow down at all. 


Building a marketplace for images isn't easy. It needs to be able to provide features to make the images load fast, provide product features related to images, artwork, and digital assets. Alternate provided it by default, where other systems needed a plugin to provide this functionality. 

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