The Alternate Solution

Try a different type of CMS that can be hosted anywhere without limitations on where and how it can be hosted.





What is AlternateCMS?

Build websites from small personal websites to large marketplaces with variable percentages. Because of Alternate's headless nature, anyone could build almost any type of website for any device.

Build on top of Supabase

Built in plugin that integrates with Supabase taking advantage of various Supabase features. Signup for Supabase.

Build on top of Hasura

Integrated with Hasura's graphql interface, AlternateCMS supports many of Hasura's functionality with a user friendly interface. Signup for Hasura.

Host on Netlify and Vercel

Host AlternateCMS anywhere with the ability to generate a static version of it. You can host it for free on Netlify, Vercel,, Heroku, etc. 

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